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Office of the Vice President Ministry of Youth Affairs
“The books have been assessed by our experts on Youth and Agriculture Based Enterprise (YABE) Development and have been found suitable resource materials in Youth Agribusiness Development. The books will be used to educate and empower the youth to start viable agribusiness enterprises country wide. This will go a long way in empowering the youth to start income generating activities in the agriculture sector”

Permanent Secretary Julius N. Kubai
Ministry of Agriculture
“SUCCESS IN AGRICULTURE has been assessed by the Crop Development Department and have been found suitable as a resource in agribusiness development. They contain current information and have a high user utility for both extension workers and farmers”

Assistant Director of Agriculture - Horticulture ...... Virginia Mwai
Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)
“SUCCESS IN AGRICULTURE: After perusing through the copies we feel that these books are handy for the farmers bearing in mind the EUREPGap and KenyaGAP requirements. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recommend on these books before selling them out to farmers”

Assistant Director HIC: Lusike A. Wasilwa (PhD)
Our Vision
Being the leader in training farmers in correct crop production practices and adoption of the suitable current production technologies to enable them achieve the best skills and knowledge for increased crop production and sustainability thereby creating wealth and good health.
Success in Agriculture