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Our Services
In collaboration with other partners, we endeavor to ensure satisfaction with our stakeholders by providing user friendly, current and competitive services: Success in Agriculture offers a wide range of services which include:
  • Crop protection guidance and recommended spray programs
  • Farm planning, designing and budgeting
  • Soil and water conservation methods
  • Fresh vegetable and fruit Export procedures
  • Soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations
  • Crop protection training for company staff
  • International food / crop standard procedures
  • Post harvest storage management
  • Animal production skills and breed selection
  • Crop residue trainings and assistance for export of fresh produce
Green House Irrigation
Tailor made individualized advice on greenhouse production practices, water scheduling, fertilizer applications, pests and disease control and crop variety selection.
Biogas Technology
For the animal production, we guide on breed selection, animal enclosures planning, guidance on nutrition and green energy use by promotion of use of biogas.
Our Vision
Being the leader in training farmers in correct crop production practices and adoption of the suitable current production technologies to enable them achieve the best skills and knowledge for increased crop production and sustainability thereby creating wealth and good health.
Success in Agriculture