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Our Products
Success in Agriculture have been designed as training guides to train practical skills on details required for successful production of agricultural produce. These guides focus on fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture, capacity building, rural community empowerment and proper resource utilization.

The books, which are farmer oriented to serve as practical illustrated reference farming guides. They serve as a complete farmers’ package for emphasizing on farming as a business. Due to the many problems occurring in food production, the book serves to bridge the gap of information that brings together all the main requirements of successful farming. These guides cover all aspects of crop production from seed selection, soil management, irrigation requirements, pest and disease monitoring and the corresponding desirable interventions to control pests and diseases to ensure success in food crops production. These guides are targeted primarily at farmers producing both horticultural and field crops that serve to ensure food security in Kenya and the rest of Africa’s developing countries who depend on agriculture for their livelihood for subsistence and commercial ventures.

Our Publications (Volume 1 - Volume 7)
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Our Mission
Integrating adoption of new efficient technologies in food production following guidelines from accrediting bodies that advocate for sustainable crop production using environmentally sound practices that enable farmers earn more.

This is through ensuring correct technology transfer linking research advances, seed producers, agrochemical manufacturers and marketers / consumers, using a language which farmers can understand to achieve more productivity in farming operations.
Our Vision
Being the leader in training farmers in correct crop production practices and adoption of the suitable current production technologies to enable them achieve the best skills and knowledge for increased crop production and sustainability thereby creating wealth and good health.
Success in Agriculture