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Market Research
Currently the biggest problem facing new and existing farmers is lack of tailor made source of getting the required practical information for engaging in commercial production of most crop enterprises.

Itís very challenging to know the breeds, suitability, diseases and pest control and recommended management practices for profitable agriculture. This is the tailor made guide that has the intent of purpose, authority and comprehensive enough to be used by both the old farmers and new farmers. Itís also difficult for school leavers to believe that they can engage in agriculture and become successful without the detailed information to prove it.

Success in Agriculture embraces the whole farm approach since all parts of the farm are important for conservation. Tailor-made conservation plans are designed to suit the farm type, location and the farmerís aspirations, commitment and pocket. In partnership with the farmer, conservation bodies, farming organizations and government agencies zero/low cost management options where possible (conservation need not be costly) identification of appropriate grant sources and the understanding that conservation need not compromise the farmís commercial objectives is the guide.

Far-reaching changes are taking place in farming and the food chain. Public concerns are generating radical shifts in the way food is produced and reaches consumers. Both policy makers at every level and commercial stakeholders along the food chain face pressures for:- Food that is safe and healthy - and tastes good , Farming methods that are environment-friendly, Higher standards of animal welfare, Social fairness and responsibility. Achieving these without sacrificing the economic gains from improved efficiency is what genuine sustainable agriculture is all about. In the sub-Saharan Africa, fighting hunger and poverty by increasing food production and raising incomes remain the priorities - again sustainability is the key.

The safe and sensible use of new technologies must play a crucial role: without this progress will be impossible. Success in Agriculture has been established to provide information and consultancy on all aspects of science-based sustainable agriculture in the region. It aims to serve commercial and public sector clients by offering: Reliable information on the methods and outcomes of different approaches to sustainability for both crop and livestock production - with emphasis on the use of innovative technology, Research and consultancy to guide both public policies and commercial strategies in developing the role of sustainable crop and livestock production, and the essential linkages along the food chain. Technical services to assist both commercial and public sector organizations implement sustainable agriculture strategies, programmes and projects.

The secondary target users are the many refugees displaced by war from their countries and on return home would wish to rebuild a productive life by growing crops since little capital requirement for start and serve as food security. Other potential users are retrenched workers and new farmers such as school leavers who will be seeking more profitable lifestyles due to the limited opportunities available for employment.
Our Vision
Being the leader in training farmers in correct crop production practices and adoption of the suitable current production technologies to enable them achieve the best skills and knowledge for increased crop production and sustainability thereby creating wealth and good health.
Success in Agriculture