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Our Focus
Itís a fact that 75% of Kenyan and most of sub Saharan African economy is agricultural based. The population engaged in agriculture is our main focus since they mostly engage in agriculture both for basic food for sustenance and semi commercial farming. Due to a poor perception of agriculture, many farmers have been left behind in adoption of new technologies and usage of evolving methods of increasing agricultural potential due to little focus on farm productivity.

Many youths completing education in institutions of learning have not been empowered to understand the requirements for profitable agricultural production and are engaged in daily search of scarce white collar jobs. The option of agricultural undertaking should be shown as a profitable option to the youthful group of population to compare with formal employment and should be understood as of national importance.
The export market has opened new areas where there is ready market for fresh farm produce. The export market has stringent regulations that are often reviewed regularly which necessitate farmers to be sure that the practices they use meet the requirements of the export market. With a relevant well researched literature based on Kenyan models, the guides are aimed at promoting more user friendly practices. There is also a weak link between seed sellers, agro-chemical sellers and farmers that makes it important for establishing a guide to link them and offer the exact requirements and increase productivity.
Being based on the regional practices that are ongoing, consultation, training, evaluation and continuing assessment of requirements and changing environment are available on request. Forums for answering any arising questions, further training, farm planning, tailor made instructions and brainstorming sessions are available from our organizationís professional staff.
Trainings are based on practical field experiences of day to day farm activities and not on theories. Being connected to all the stakeholders who are the seed sellers, farmers and agrochemicals manufacturers itís able to easily disseminate the information that is necessary to improve on productivity and profitability of the farm holdings.
Our Vision
Being the leader in training farmers in correct crop production practices and adoption of the suitable current production technologies to enable them achieve the best skills and knowledge for increased crop production and sustainability thereby creating wealth and good health.
Success in Agriculture