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Welcome To Our Official Website
Success in Agriculture is a professional organization conducting trainings for farmers and organizations with the aim of increasing farm productivity profitably and meeting the high environmental code of production requirements currently being enforced globally.

With the realization that agriculture is the engine for Africa’s development, we have analyzed the many handicaps facing farmers which if addressed will increase the potentiality of the continent in agricultural production. Africa has the capacity to feed the rest of the world due to its very vast, fertile soils which is favored by the best weather of between 10 – 12 hours of sunshine and very good temperatures that make crop and animal production suitable. Adequate labour force increases this advantage, with low industrialization levels.
Our Mission
Integrating adoption of new efficient technologies in food production following guidelines from accrediting bodies that advocate for sustainable crop production using environmentally sound practices that enable farmers earn more.

This is through ensuring correct technology transfer linking research advances, seed producers, agrochemical manufacturers and marketers / consumers, using a language which farmers can understand to achieve more productivity in farming operations.